Here's what happened this week in the web3 creator economy.
🎙Releasing an EP in Web3 with Queen GeorgeListen now (42 min) | The modern jazz-pop artist Queen George joins Mint again to catch us up on her journey in web3 and how she plans to release her EP…
🎙 Web2 Fans vs. Web3 Fans with Will CollierListen now (60 min) | Will Collier, co-founder of, shares his mental model for understanding the difference between a web2 and web3 fan.
☕️ Mint TLDR - Sunday Recap #36Listen now (32 min) | Web3 Ethics bonus episode + Juicy NFT, Social Token, and DAO news for the week of 05/09 🎉
🎙 CC0 Licensing: What is it and Why it MattersListen now (50 min) | Deep diving into the CC0 license: what it is, how it works, and the bull case for dedicating rights to the public domain.
🎙David Greenstein: The Artist’s Beginner's Guide To Music NFTsListen now (84 min) | Here's's master plan for onboarding 1,000,000 independent music artists into web3.
Juicy NFT, Social Token, and DAO news for the week of 05/02 🎉
🎙 illaDaProducer on Building The Web3 Incubator for Music ProducersListen now (56 min) | Introducing WhoWho's Treehouse
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