🎙 How Royalty-Backed NFTs are Challenging the Music IndustryListen now | In this episode, I sit down with Morkeeth and Michel Traore, the founders of Anotherblock, to explore how they use royalty-backed NFTs to create a secure and seamless way of buying and selling music.
Daniel Allan Raises $1M, Pussy Riot donates $100k, Balaji's Bitcoin bet + moreListen now (36 min) | Week 2 CSS recap + here's what went down in the web3 creator economy.
🎙 Web3 Music Artist Daniel Allan Just Raised $1,000,000 and Here’s WhyListen now | Music collectors Cooper Turley and BlockchainBrett are joined by web3 music artist and producer Daniel Allan to discuss Daniel's recent one…
🎙 The Future of Digital Advertising and Tokenized Media with nft nowListen now (55 min) | Matt Medved and Sam Hysell of nftnow discuss the challenges and vision of building a web3 media outlet centered around tokenized…
174 Mint Podcast NFTs collected, Jeremy Booth's 12.1Ξ SuperRare sale, Amazon's NFT Marketplace + moreListen now (30 min) | Here's what went down in the web3 creator economy.
🎙 Design, Distribution, and Tokenized Media: Insights from Jacob Horne of ZoraListen now | Jacob Horne, Co-Founder of Zora, shares insights on the crypto creator economy, content worth collecting, and the future of NFTs on the…
🎙 Beyond Followers: Building a Community of Collectors with Chase ChapmanListen now | Join Chase Chapman and me as we explore the art of creating collectible content, building a devoted community, using onchain data, and…
Here's what went down in the web3 creator economy.
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