🎙 A Deep Dive into TYCHO’s Open-Source CommunityListen now (48 min) | Scott Hansen, AKA Tycho, and Matt Jones, founder and CEO of Medallion. Join season 6 to discuss Scott’s new open source community, the collaboration with Medallion, and so much more.
Here's what went down this week in the web3 creator economy.
🎙 Richard Chen on Venture Capital and Data-Driven Community BuildingListen now (35 min) | Richard Chen, a general partner at 1Confirmation and a top dune wizard, joins season 6 to share some insights on blockchain data…
🎙 Reo Cragun: The Journey as an Independent Artist in Web3Listen now (59 min) | This episode welcomes Reo Cragun, the web3-native music artist, who shares about his journey in web3 and the vision behind his…
Here's what went down in the web3 creator economy this week.
🎙 Black Dave’s Mental Model on Designing Experiences for CollectorsListen now (80 min) | This episode welcomes Black Dave, a web3-native music artist, creative thinker, and self-proclaimed genius. From dropping free…
Here's what went down in the creator economy this week.
🎙 Tools for Executing Airdrops with CoinviseListen now (31 min) | This episode welcomes Jenil Thakker, Founder of Coinvise, an open platform on Ethereum where creators can launch a social & build…
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