Mint with host Adam Levy delivers an exclusive look into how the creators of today are building the communities of tomorrow using web3 primitives like social tokens, DAOs, and NFTs, to name a few.

🎙 How To Price a Song NFTListen now (52 min) | Music NFT thought leader VÉRITÉ shares her mental model and learning lessons on how to price a song NFT.
Juicy NFT, Social Token, and DAO news for the week of 01/17 🎉
🎙 Charlie Crown on Music Crowdfunding MechanicsListen now (41 min) | The Miami-based, Colombian DJ & producer shares his journey overcoming the trenches of web3 and raising funds to bring his latest…
🎙 Who Needs NFTs More: Hollywood Or Independent Filmmakers?Listen now (52 min) | Spartan Daggenhurst of The FilmDAO shares his point of view on who will benefit more from NFTs: Hollywood or independent film…
Juicy NFT, Social Token, and DAO news for the week of 01/10 🎉
🎙 The Parallels Between Music and Crypto with GradyListen now (56 min) | From starting a decentralized record label, selling music NFTs online, and crowdfunding his next album on-chain, here's Grady's…
🎙 How To Build a Creator DAO: Breaking Down The Infamous $OVERSTIM JourneyListen now (49 min) | Daniel Allan and Henry Chatfield are setting the example for how a music creator DAO should look and feel.
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