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🎙 Building a Future of Digital Identity and Ownership for Creators

🎙 Building a Future of Digital Identity and Ownership for Creators

Recap of my NFT LA panel which covers the creator economy in web3, with experts discussing strategies for web2 artists, data ownership, and the future of loans for creators.

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🎙 New Podcast Episode

Mint Season 7 Episode 27 provides a summary of a panel discussion held at Outer Edge (also known as NFT LA), where a team of experts and I delve into the current state of the creator economy in web3. Our discussion encompasses a range of topics, such as the different types of content verticals, the significance of experimentation, collaboration, and co-creation. We also examine the most effective strategies for web2 artists to transition into web3, the vital role of data transparency and control, and the differences between being a creator in web2 versus web3. In addition, we touch upon the importance of building audiences via collectors, digital identity, and ownership. Lastly, we explore the possibility of creators taking out loans based on their social reputation and the value of their content. If you missed the event, I'm excited to share this insightful discussion with you!

I hope you enjoy our conversation.


  • 00:00 - Intro

  • 01:59 - Current State Of The Web3 Creator Economy

  • 06:20 - Optimal Strategy For Web2 Artists To Make Their Way Into Web3

  • 07:58 - Using Web3 As A Tool For Storytelling

  • 10:38 - Clearing Up Misconceptions For Creators Entering Web3

  • 13:31 - Importance Of Data Ownership In Web3

  • 15:17 - Difference Between Web2 And Web3 For Creators

  • 17:16 - Transitioning To Web3 Social

  • 19:54 - Visualizing Relationships In Web3

  • 21:11 - The Value Of Collectable Content

  • 23:08 - Digital Identity And Ownership

  • 24:22 - Glass Protocol And Content Control

  • 25:19 - Building Interoperable Audiences

  • 26:56 - Creator Credit Score And Crowdfunding

  • 28:03 - Content As Collateral

  • 30:07 - Outro

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Levy’s Newsletter
Mint with host Adam Levy delivers an exclusive look into how the creators of today are building the communities of tomorrow using web3 primitives like social tokens, DAOs, and NFTs, to name a few.