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Exploring Web3 Marketing's Next Big Thing: Mass Wallet-to-Wallet Communication

Exploring Web3 Marketing's Next Big Thing: Mass Wallet-to-Wallet Communication

Discover the dawn of mass wallet-to-wallet communication with XMTP's Co-Founder and CEO Shane Mac.

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I had the pleasure of sitting down for a conversation with Shane Mac recently, the brains behind XMTP.

If you haven't heard of him, he's the CEO and Co-founder, and his journey is genuinely fascinating.

For over 40 minutes, we chatted about his youth entrepreneurial behaviors on eBay, his 50 million dollar acquisition, and the XMTP protocol.

What struck me the most was hearing about his vision for web3 communication; it’s evident he’s onto something significant.

The reason I was keen to have this discussion with Shane was to better understand the essence of web3 growth networks and the future of Internet marketing.

And it became clear: at the foundation of it all is communication. It’s what keeps projects moving, growing, and connecting.

And on the topic of connections, XMTP's recent partnership with Coinbase Wallet has been creating quite the buzz.

Especially for us over at Bello.

We've integrated XMTP, which means we’ve opened up a new way for our users to engage. Imagine being able to send mass messages to NFT collectors or to any group of wallet users.

It's a game-changer.

I genuinely believe XMTP is taking steps that will bring us closer to widespread web3 adoption.

And having the opportunity to share this conversation with you all on Mint feels special.

Planning your first music NFT drop and want to contact a particular group of wallets interested in onchain music? Find them on Bello and send them a message.

Say thanks to those who've collected every NFT? No prob.

Releasing a new feature and want to tell your users? Done.

With Bello’s Mass Messaging tool, onchain insights meet the inbox.

Bello ensures your voice doesn't just echo—it converses, connects, and cultivates a thriving community.

Now you can target and segment wallets using Bello's insights and broadcast messages to wallets if they have XMTP enabled.

Want to send mass messages to your community’s wallets with Bello? Get in touch today.

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