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🎙 From Joshua Tree to Web3: How LNRZ DAO is Changing the Game for Musicians

🎙 From Joshua Tree to Web3: How LNRZ DAO is Changing the Game for Musicians

Discover the future of music with Reo Cragun and DLG as we talk web3 and NFTs. Tune in for insights into LNRZ DAO's upcoming project, Satellites, and the power of collaboration and community.

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🎙 New Podcast Episode

Mint Season 7 Episode 28 welcomes Reo Cragun and DLG, two talented musicians deeply involved in the web3 and NFT space. In this podcast episode, we explore their backgrounds in music and art and their work with LNRZ DAO, a music NFT distribution platform. Our focus is on LNRZ's upcoming project, Satellites, a collaborative effort by a group of exceptional artists who came together in Joshua Tree to create groundbreaking music. We also examine the challenges faced by artists in the traditional music industry and the potential for web3 to offer new opportunities. We highlight the importance of collaboration, community, and data for artists to succeed in this rapidly evolving space.

I hope you enjoy our conversation.


  • 00:00 - Intro

  • 02:20 - Introduction to LNRZ

  • 03:02 - Reo Cragun's Background

  • 07:14 - DLG’s Background

  • 14:21 - Collaborating with Mom

  • 16:23 - The Emergence of LNRZ

  • 21:26 - Incubating a Music Project

  • 28:53 - Collaboration in the LNRZ Project

  • 29:57 - The Joshua Tree Project

  • 32:25 - The LNRZ Freshman Class

  • 35:12 - The Impact of LNRZ on the Music Industry

  • 39:26 - LNRZ as a Curation Vehicle

  • 44:32 - Tokenizing Music For Verifiable Sources

  • 45:34 - Importance of Data For Artists

  • 48:20 - Tokenized Music and Traceable Payments

  • 53:03 - Satellites Project Launch

  • 55:09 - Community Involvement In Decision-Making

  • 57:00 - Presale Price For Previous Collectors

  • 58:20 - Outro

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