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Why The Web3 Creator Economy Needs Coinbase's Base Protocol ft. Jesse Pollak

Why The Web3 Creator Economy Needs Coinbase's Base Protocol ft. Jesse Pollak

Everyone can listen to this episode, yet only a select few will own the Podcast NFT. Which will you be?

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We’re back with another bonus episode but with an exciting twist.

Today at 11 AM EST, I'm introducing the first-ever Podcast NFT minted on Base Protocol ft. an in-depth conversation with Jesse Pollak, aka contributor #001.

Consider this:

As Coinbase is poised to familiarize a vast audience with the onchain world, this episode serves as a significant timestamp in the evolution of tokenized media.

I'm excited to present our near-hour-long episode, where we explore multiple facets like Jesse’s initial forays into entrepreneurship, his position as Coinbase's employee #70, and his contribution to crypto lobbying in D.C.

Importantly, he sheds light on bringing Base to market and its ambition for becoming core infrastructure for the web3 creator economy.

Jesse’s vision for Base is crystal clear. He sees it as more than an L2 solution; to him, it's the cornerstone for the onchain future, aiming to onboard a billion users.

Dive into our conversation above.

More on Today's Drop Details

I’m super excited to debut the animation that compliments this episode.

Substack does no justice as I had to decrease the quality to embed it in this post.

Set within the Onchain Summer Studio, it features Jesse Pollak's Crypto Punk and my own Lil Noun NFT in dialogue.

You might recognize elements like the carefully rendered drumset and the WWE belt, mirroring my YouTube background.

The artwork is a labor of love, blending intricate details and passion for objects I consider home.

I'm thrilled for you to see it.

Here’s what you need to know

  • Mint page: https://adamlevy.xyz

  • Date: Now through Friday, September 1, 2023

  • Time: Starting right now at 11 AM EST

  • Duration: 72-hour open edition

  • Price: 0.000777 ETH

  • Network: Base Protocol

In appreciation of the existing 323 loyal Podcast NFT collectors, you have the privilege to mint one episode for free.

After minting, join my guild.

Collect Now

Need ETH on Base Network? No worries! Easily bridge your ETH using the link below.

Bridge ETH to Base

Can't wait to see you in the Guild!

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