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🎙 Inspiring Sustainable Practices through Music: Blond:ish's Bioplastic Vinyl Compilation

🎙 Inspiring Sustainable Practices through Music: Blond:ish's Bioplastic Vinyl Compilation

Blond:ish shares her journey and passion for web3 technology in Mint Season 7. This inspiring conversation covers her innovative bioplastic vinyl, Plastic-Free Party, and upcoming Sound.xyz drop.

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🎙 New Podcast Episode

Mint Season 7 Episode 26 welcomes Blond:ish, an artist passionate about web3 technology and creating a more equitable and inclusive world, she joined me today to share her journey and current focus. The episode covers her upcoming drop on Sound.xyz, her innovative bioplastic vinyl, and the 14-track Plastic-Free Party. Blond:ish emphasizes the importance of taking time off and shares her multifaceted interests, including her crypto fund Indigo Investment Partners. Overall, this fun conversation showcases how one person can use their talents and resources to make a positive impact on the world.

I hope you enjoy our conversation.


  • 00:00 - Intro

  • 01:02 - Blond:ish's Background And Journey Into Web3

  • 04:11 - Blond:ish's Current Focus

  • 04:43 - Blond:ish's Upcoming Drop On Sound.xyz

  • 06:09 - Innovating The Bioplastic Vinyl

  • 08:20 - Making Plastic-Free Vinyl

  • 09:32 - Launching The Drop And Scaling

  • 10:45 - No Trade-Offs Between Bioplastic And Traditional Vinyl

  • 13:56 - The Plastic-Free Party

  • 15:28 - Messages Conveyed In The 14-Track Compilation

  • 16:55 - Blond:ish's Vacation And The Importance Of Taking Time Off

  • 18:53 - Indigo Investment Partners

  • 23:20 - Blond:ish's Multifaceted Interests

  • 27:36 - Blond:ish's Sound Drop Details

  • 28:42 - Outro

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