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Duality Unleashed: A Special Episode with DJ Daniel Allan

Duality Unleashed: A Special Episode with DJ Daniel Allan

We're diving into the fascinating world of ERC-6551s and seeing how Daniel's creativity shines through in his surprise project called "Duality"

GM, Mint Podcast listeners!

First off — thanks for being patient with me. If you've been following my newsletter, you may recall my mention of a short break due to Bello's acceptance into a16z's Crypto Startup School. During this time, my focus was dedicated to building Bello's team and enhancing our services as the premier onchain analytics solution for web3 brands and enterprises.

On top of that, the bear market took a turn and my plans for executing Mint Season 8 had to pause temporarily.

While these past two months have been a whirlwind, I must admit that I've truly missed podcasting. However, as we gear up for Season 8, I couldn't resist bringing you something special.

Currently, I find myself in Paris for ETH CC, and here's where the magic happened. I had the pleasure of engaging in a spontaneous and raw conversation with the talented DJ and producer, Daniel Allan.

While having dinner with friends yesterday, Daniel surprised me with news of his upcoming innovative release, scheduled to drop today.

Instantly captivated, we decided to seize the moment.

We walked towards the Eiffel Tower, found a cozy spot on the expansive lawn, and right there, at 12 in the morning, using my voice memo app on my iPhone, we recorded this extraordinary episode.

As you tune in to our conversation, remember that it's unfiltered and authentic, enriched by the ambient sounds of Parisian vendors tempting us with wine during our chat.

Throughout the 50 minutes, Daniel shares his exciting journey as an artist running his own company and updates since announcing his $1M dollar Seed round. He opens up about the challenges he faced and the importance of content creation and a strong social media presence for artists, especially during the bear market.

Daniel takes us through his approach to music releases and teases us with some insights into his upcoming project. Additionally, he shares his thrilling experiences performing at his first music festival. The episode culminates with Daniel discussing his upcoming drop on Sound called Duality and his experimental use of the 6551 token standard.

So, relax and savor this unique and candid episode. And rest assured, there's more thrilling content coming your way in Season 8!

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