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The Rise of Crypto Super Apps

The Rise of Crypto Super Apps

We're back with an exclusive episode featuring Coinbase Wallet's Lead Engineer, Chintan Turakhia, who shares his vision on the future of wallets and the rise of crypto-native super apps.

Hey Mint fam,

I’m excited to bring you a fascinating episode.

I know I don’t post as frequently as I used to; it’s cause my attention has been centered around bringing Bello to public launch. Soon…

In the meantime, I wanted to share an episode for you to enjoy during the holidays.

I recently hosted an insightful chat with Chintan Turakhia, who leads Engineering at Coinbase Wallet and has a compelling vision for where wallets are headed.

Right now we purely transact.

In the future, they’ll look like super apps.

I minted this episode on ZORA for a limited few to own, but for everyone to listen.

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Here are 3 core themes covered in the last hour:

1. Moving beyond transactions

We delved into the rapid evolution of digital wallets.

We're living in an exciting time where wallets morph beyond mere transaction tools to become integral parts of our digital identity and lifestyle.

2. Wallets becoming super apps

The concept of wallets as 'super apps' really stood out.

Imagine a future where your wallet is your gateway to a myriad of services, combining finance, identity, gaming, and much more in a unified platform.

3. How creators can leverage the universal inbox

As a creator, his insight on how these super apps could revolutionize creator-audience interactions struck a nerve.

The concept of engaging borderless audiences, users, customers, {{insert name}} is slowly starting to materialize, and the opportunity for experimenting with this new distribution model is vast.

In a previous episode with Shane Mac from XMTP, we covered the steady adoption of wallet-to-wallet messaging and the new doors that open as a result.

For someone who's actively built an onchain audience across various networks, this feature stands out as one of the most thrilling developments from 2023’s bear market.

It's why we've been proactive with integrating our messaging feature at Bello as well.

Curious to see Chintan’s bets play out and how these core themes evolve in this new cycle.

Enjoy and happy minting!

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