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🎙 Creator Spotlight: Benny Conn and The Era of Generative Music

🎙 Creator Spotlight: Benny Conn and The Era of Generative Music

Beat Foundry’s Benny Conn returns to Mint to highlight his thesis for the music NFT consumption layer, problems facing music NFTs today, the upcoming drop with Oshi and more.

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🎙 New Podcast Episode

Mint Season 4 episode 33 welcomes Benny Conn, who’s a developer at Gallery.so and co-founder of Beat Foundry, an NFT platform for entirely on-chain generative and curated music. Benny is back for a second episode on season four of Mint mainly because I love what the team is building at Beat Foundry, his energy and passion for music beams every time he talks about what he does. It’s genuinely contagious.

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • 00:19 - Intro

  • 09:56 - What Rights do You Get When You Buy a Beat Foundry NFT?

  • 17:19 - Benny’s Thesis Around the Consumption Layer as it Pertains to NFT Editions?

  • 19:25 - What Traits go into Valuing Music NFTs?

  • 20:44 - Should Artists Prioritize Social Media Virality or Web3 Collectors?

  • 22:44 - Benny’s Favorite Music Artist in the Space

  • 23:21 - From a Collector's Point of View, What Makes One Music Artist More Valuable Than the Other and Web3?

  • 26:50 - How Did the Collaboration With Oshi Come Together?

  • 31:33 - Why Does the Music File Itself Need to Be On-Chain?

  • 37:27 - Benny's Biggest Challenges With Bringing This Project to Life

  • 41:08 - Outro

…and so much more.

I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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