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🎙 Mint Season 4 Recap: The World of Music NFTs

🎙 Mint Season 4 Recap: The World of Music NFTs

And that's a wrap.

gm Mint nation - happy Thursday!

If you haven’t already, join Mint’s Discord + claim your free Season 4 Listener Badge that I distribute at the end of the season! There may or may not be rewards in the future 😉.

🎙 New Podcast Episode

Mint Season 4 was epic.

We now reach over 20,000 web3 creators, founders, and investors per month across audio, video, blog, and newsletter, to name a few.

I started Mint 10 short months ago to focus on the web3 creator economy and couldn’t be happier with its progress to date.

A special thanks to Coinvise and Polygon Studios for collecting my sponsorship NFTs and making this season possible.

For this season, I curated 20 creators to be featured across 20 episodes.

Yet, as publishing time increased and trends evolved, so did my guest list.

I ended up publishing 34 episodes with leading figures in the web3 creator economy and music movement featuring everyone from the founders of Catalog, Mint Songs, and Royal, to the top collectors and music creators defining this decentralized revolution.

So this next episode is a bit different than the previous ones. It’s just me talking and narrating my favorite moments from Season 4. I hope you enjoy it. You can check out the written version here.

Season 5 debuts April 28th. Stay tuned!

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