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☕️ Mint TLDR - Sunday Recap #27

☕️ Mint TLDR - Sunday Recap #27

Sunday bonus episode + Juicy NFT, Social Token, and DAO news for the week of 03/07 🎉

gm Mint nation - happy Sunday! If you’re new here, welcome. 🤗

Every Sunday, we issue ‘Mint TLDR,’ where we focus on our favorite weekly stories around NFTs, social tokens, and DAOs.

We’ve curated the juiciest headlines of the week in an easily digestible format for you to enjoy with your Sunday coffee.

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🎙 Sunday Bonus Episode

Mint Season 4 episode 24 welcomes Alec King, an independent artist from Denver, CO and resides in Los Angeles, CA. Following his EP's, "Greatest Hits Vol. 1 & 2" he released his debut album "Everything's Backwards." Alec is gearing up to release a single every other week until a meteor takes us all out. Since leaving his label, he's taken a dive into the music NFT/web 3 space. Right before the pandemic, he went on tour as direct support for Kiana Lede across the US and Canada.

We mainly shoot the shit in this episode, but we got to uncover a lot of his journey transitioning from Republic Records into now being an independent artist trying to own and monetize his audience using crypto primitives.

I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Alec King: https://twitter.com/aleckingmusic

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💎 NFTs

  • LimeWire is back! Formerly a peer-to-peer music sharing platform, LimeWire has been pretty much dead since 2010. New owners of the brand announced that they will relaunch the platform as a music-focused NFT marketplace. Recreating a beloved brand makes a lot of sense. Recently we also have seen a group trying to buy Blockbuster with the same sentiment. 👉 Read More

  • Financial services company Stripe launched its crypto services, enabling companies to use Stripe as a payment method for crypto and NFTs. 👉 Read More

  • Warner Bros. is releasing 6 million DC Comics-inspired physical trading cards that come with redeemable NFTs. 👉 Read More

  • 10KTF is dropping a collab with Gucci. 👉 Read More

  • CVS filed trademarks for “downloadable virtual goods, namely, a variety of consumer goods, prescription drugs, health, wellness, beauty and personal care products and general merchandise for use online and in online virtual worlds” to have its products in the metaverse. How do drugs in the metaverse work? I do not know yet.

  • Foundation rolled out an update with new features. They also dropped their fees to 5%. 👉 Read More

🚀 Social Tokens

  • Friends with Benefits got a feature on New York Times. 👉 Read More

  • Opionion: People who don’t know much about web3 might be utilizing the technology to connect with fans and organize. The route social tokens and DAOs will take might be different than that of NFTs. 👉 Read More

  • Social token platform Rally was named one of the top 5 most innovative companies by Fast Company. 👉 Read More

  • Blue Tiki, the climate positive social token issued by Starboard and SOMWR on Socialstack, launched this week 👉 Read More

  • Coinvise reported a whopping 2.5x growth (from 6,154 to 15,819) in creators and contributors on their platform within 3 months! Congrats to the entire team. 👉 Read More

  • Season 4 Podcast guest Bolero Music updated their website, making it easier to navigate between artists' pages, connect your wallet and browse through artists' NFTs and Social Tokens. 👉 Read More

🌐 DAOs

  • Pussy Riot co-founder Nadya Tolokonnikova announced launching UnicornDAO, a DAO that will solely invest in female, non-binary and LGBTQ+ artists in web3. DAO self-identifies as “a feminist movement aiming to tackle patriarchy in Web3.” 👉 Read More

  • TreasureDAO marketplace had an exploit of 50 valuable NFTs. 👉 Read More

  • I got an invite from a new DAO in the works… Created by couple of Forbes 30 under 30 members, U30 DAO will be coming. They just had their teaser event in LA. Excited to be a part of it.

  • Venture capital firm Bessemer Venture Partners has committed $250 million to invest in Web3 projects while also launching BessemerDAO, a Web3 community for founders, creators and operators. 👉 Read More

  • 36 mentions of DAOs in this New York Times article, “Reality Intrudes on a Utopian Crypto Vision.” 👉 Read More

🐦 Twitter Threads Worth Reading

👹 Savage of the Week

Well obviously, the biggest news is Bored Ape Yacht Club creators, YUGA LABS, bought CRYPTO PUNKS AND MEEBITS. You heard it right. For how much? We donno. But the first order of business was giving the IP rights of Punks to the owners.

🎙 Podcast Recap

  • Tuesday | Music producer !llmind on Why Beats, Loops, and Sample Packs Need Crypto and Web3 👉 WATCH | LISTEN | READ

  • Thursday | Catalog.works co-founders Mike Mckain and Jeremy Stern on Here’s How NFTs Are Enabling a Better Future for Music with Catalog 👉 WATCH | LISTEN | READ

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