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☕️ Mint TLDR - Sunday Recap #28

☕️ Mint TLDR - Sunday Recap #28

Sunday bonus episode + Juicy NFT, Social Token, and DAO news for the week of 03/14 🎉

gm Mint nation - happy Sunday! If you’re new here, welcome. 🤗

Every Sunday, we issue ‘Mint TLDR,’ where we focus on our favorite weekly stories around NFTs, social tokens, and DAOs.

We’ve curated the juiciest headlines of the week in an easily digestible format for you to enjoy with your Sunday coffee.

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👇 Let’s dive in!👇

🎙 New Podcast Episode

Mint Season 4 episode 27 welcomes Ben Lakoff, co-founder of Charged Particles, which is a new protocol that lets you put digital assets inside your NFTs. Now, ordinary NFTs (think neutral molecules) can contain a digital "charge" inside — ERC20, ERC721 or ERC1155 — giving you the unprecedented power to create nested NFTs.

In this episode, we discuss how creators can tap into the variety of use cases presented by dynamic NFTs and their upcoming NFT drop, Particlon.

I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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💎 NFTs

  • Yuga Labs teased Bored Ape Yacht Club Metaverse with CryptoPunks, Cool Cats, and Nouns NFTs. 👉 Read More

  • Universal Music Group bought a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT to create a character for its virtual band initiative, Kingship. 👉 Read More

  • GameStop announced that the launch of their NFT Marketplace is coming in Q2 of 2022. 👉 Read More

  • Instagram is getting closer to unveiling NFT support. 👉 Read More

  • Snoop Dogg dropped Death Row Mix: Vol. 1 on Sound. 👉 Read More

🚀 Social Tokens

  • HBCU Buzz founder Luke Lawal Jr. revealed his social token: $HBCU Coin. 👉 Read More

  • The community-based utility token, BBNT was launched for Big Brother show viewers. BBNT was developed to make a fan insight for the watchers and devotees of the show across the world. 👉 Read More

  • Juno Network, a Cosmos-based blockchain asked the community of JUNO token holders whether the wallet of one community member should have a large chunk of its token holdings removed (and returned to the community pool or destroyed entirely). 👉 Read More

🌐 DAOs

  • Bessemer Venture Partners announced a commitment of $250 million to invest in Web3 projects via launching a DAO. 👉 Read More

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club's Apecoin DAO airdropped millions of Apecoins to NFT owners and created a frenzy. 👉 Read More

  • According to DAO analytics site DeepDAO, there is currently $9.5 billion held in DAO treasuries across all networks. 👉 Read More

  • Learn about the behind the scenes of SuperRare DAO. 👉 Read More

  • MetaMask is planning a DAO and token drop! 👉 Read More

🐦 Twitter Threads Worth Reading

👹 Savage of the Week

With Apecoin and other Bored Ape Yacht Club news, this week’s news I mentioned above, this week’s winner is definitely BAYC.

🎙 Podcast Recap

  • Tuesday | Co-Founder at Manifold Richerd Chan on Why Creators Should Own Their Minting Smart Contracts 👉 WATCH | LISTEN | READ

  • Thursday | Yury Liftshits on Why Creators Should Build DAOs to Empower Super Fans 👉 WATCH | LISTEN | READ

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Enjoy your Sunday and we’ll see you next week :)

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