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☕️ Mint TLDR - Sunday Recap #29

☕️ Mint TLDR - Sunday Recap #29

Thursday's episode + Juicy NFT, Social Token, and DAO news for the week of 03/21 🎉

gm Mint nation - happy Sunday! If you’re new here, welcome. 🤗

Every Sunday, we issue ‘Mint TLDR,’ where we focus on our favorite weekly stories around NFTs, social tokens, and DAOs.

We’ve curated the juiciest headlines of the week in an easily digestible format for you to enjoy with your Sunday coffee.

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👇 Let’s dive in!👇

🎙 New Episode

On Season 4 episode 29, Mint co-hosted a live Twitter Spaces alongside Coinvise where their team member Cody McCauley interviewed Adam on his origin story into crypto and his thesis on the web3 creator economy.

This was Thursday’s episode, enjoy the recording.

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💎 NFTs

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club raised $450 million to build their NFT metaverse. 👉 Read More

  • XCOPY sold $23M worth of open “Max Pain” open-edition NFTs in 10 minutes on Nifty Gateway. 👉 Read More

  • NFTs are coming to Instagram, as unveiled by Mark Zuckerberg during SXSW. 👉 Read More

  • Cool Cats signed with CAA for licensing and merchandising opportunities. 👉 Read More

  • Diplo is releasing his single “Don’t Forget my Love” on Royal, which enables fans to collect tokens, have ownership in the song and get a share in future royalties. 👉 Read More

🚀 Social Tokens

  • Check out “The Future of Reputation Score Will Be Community Specific. What Trade-Offs Will Communities Face To Quantify Reputation Better?” by Coinvise 👉 Read More

  • ApeCoin dominated the conversation last week. Airdropped to Bored Ape and Mutant Ape owners, $APE was expected to come for a while. It’s an ERC-20 governance and utility token used to empower a decentralized community building. Yuga Labs gave one big news after another, and $APE is expected to be the empowering coin for its upcoming metaverse, Otherside. 👉 Read More

🌐 DAOs

  • Steve Larsen and Adam Blumberg have co-founded PlannerDAO, a DAO for financial service professionals. 👉 Read More

  • Elvis Presley fans formed Elvis Presley DAO with the hopes of buying rock and roll star’s records and memorabilia. 👉 Read More

  • Chainlink joins Crypto Climate Coalition DAO, with the goal of powering parametric insurance for subsistence farmers across Africa, enabling them to hedge against emerging climate risks. 👉 Read More

  • Former Polygchain Capital partner Tekin Salimi launched Dao5, a $125 million fund. 👉 Read More

  • So, You Want to Start a DAO” by Wired. 👉 Read More

  • Bright Moments Gallery formed Bright Opportunities DAO to support NFT artists and projects. 👉 Read More

🐦 Twitter Threads Worth Reading

👹 Savage of the Week

Arguably the best project after Bored Ape Yacht Club, World of Women (both are represented by Guy Oseary) launched their World of Women Galaxy collection. They are more like Mutants rather than Cool Pets, so an addition to the main collection. The art looks amazing, and they will have similar standing to the OG collection. For example, through their partnership with Sandbox, WoWGs will get a 3D avatar as well!

They welcomed 22,222 new NFTs into the collection.

🎙 Podcast Recap

  • Tuesday | Dan Hannum on The Creator's Tax Guide to Crypto, NFTs, and DAOs 👉 WATCH | LISTEN | READ

  • Thursday | Adam hosted a Twitter Spaces shesh with Coinvise. Check out his episode in this newsletter.

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Enjoy your Sunday and we’ll see you next week :)

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