🎙 What Is A Community Contribution Opportunity (CCO)?

Web3 builder Spencer Graham on what is a Community Contribution Opportunity and how they differ from other crowdfunding formats today.


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Mint Season 4 episode 5 welcomes Spencer Graham, who is a core contributor at DAOhaus, where he helps with product development, internal operations, communications, and tokenomics. He’s been contributing full-time to DAOs since 2020, and introduces a solid foundation around product development in web3.

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • 00:43 Intro

  • 07:15 DAOs and DAOhaus

  • 16:03 CCOs: Community Contribution Opportunity

  • 21:48 CCOs vs ICOs

  • 30:42 What are the cons of CCOs?

  • 45:16 Outro

I hope you enjoy our conversation. 

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