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174 Mint Podcast NFTs collected, Jeremy Booth's 12.1Ξ SuperRare sale, Amazon's NFT Marketplace + more

174 Mint Podcast NFTs collected, Jeremy Booth's 12.1Ξ SuperRare sale, Amazon's NFT Marketplace + more

Here's what went down in the web3 creator economy.

gm Mint nation - happy Sunday. If you’re new here, welcome. You’re receiving this newsletter because you likely subscribed on my site adamlevy.io or reserved a Season 7 NFT.

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I publish ‘Mint TLDR,’ every Sunday, covering my favorite weekly headlines from the web3 creator economy.

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🛠 a16z’s CSS Week 1 Recap

Notice how we have a new episode in this newsletter, reason being, Bello just completed it’s first week at Crypto Startup School. Over the next three months, my Co-Founder Ellie Farrisi and I will be documenting our journey with weekly updates.

🌐 Creator Stories of the Week

  • Mint Podcast dropped a Lens Protocol exclusive Podcast NFT, selling 174 editions in 24 hours. 👉 LEARN MORE

  • Latasha auctions off a visual music NFT at Sothbeys. 👉 READ

  • Beeple opens ‘Beeple Studios’ in South Carolina. 👉 READ

  • IBN Inglor submits new song for Reveel & Decent creator grant. 👉 READ

  • Cooper Turley drops new podcast + rebranded newsletter. 👉 READ

  • Sara Phillips sells out Sound.xyz drop ‘Mine.’ 👉 READ

  • Ginothegohst & angelbaby’s web3 hit record meets web2. 👉 READ

  • Jeremy Booth ‘Luck of the pursuitSold for 12.1Ξ on SuperRare. 👉 READ

  • SpottieWiFi’s music drop breaks out on Showtime. 👉 READ

  • Oshi drops a banger. 👉 READ

🗞 Headlines: NFTs, Social Tokens, DAOs

  • Sound.xyz introduces a new ‘Viral Sounds’ feature. 👉 READ

  • VeeCon airdrops tickets to all VeeFriends Series 1 holders. 👉 READ

  • Backdrop announces ‘Gems,’ a contribution reward system. 👉 READ

  • POAP teams up with Hennessy for their introduction into web3. 👉 READ

  • Starbucks NFTs sell out in 18 minutes as secondary prices soar. 👉 READ

  • Exchange.Art to release a generative art NFT platform on Solana. 👉 READ

  • Amazon reportedly dropping an NFT marketplace next month. 👉 READ

  • Hermès asks court for control over MetaBirkin NFTs. 👉 READ

  • Gordon Ramsay’s NFTs to be in The Sandbox metaverse. 👉 READ

  • What Ethereum’s latest ERC-4337 upgrade means for NFTs. 👉 READ

  • Binance NFT adds Polygon network support to its marketplace. 👉 READ

  • Mirror introduces ‘Subscribe to Mint.’ 👉 READ

📲 Web3 Social by Lens Protocol

  • Oohlala adds a Direct Mint feature for Lens Music. 👉 READ

  • Lens ships Splits for Collects on Buttrfly, Lenster, & Lenstube. 👉 READ

  • Mailchain enables use of .lens domain for web3 native comms. 👉 READ

  • Aproov Lathey introduces Lens Share browser extension. 👉 READ

🐦 Twitter Threads Worth Reading

Bello kicks off the first week at a16z’s Crypto Startup School!

Bitcoin NFTs experience new all-time-high inscriptions.

🎙 Podcast Recap

  • Monday | Shorts | Chase Chapman: Collectors vs. Followers. LISTEN

  • Tuesday | Beyond Followers: Building a Community of Collectors with Chase Chapman. LISTEN

  • Wednesday | Shorts | Diana Chen: Podcast NFTs. LISTEN

  • Thursday | Design, Distribution, and Tokenized Media: Insights from Jacob Horne of Zora. LISTEN

  • Friday | Shorts | PplPleasr: What Goes into Great Storytelling. LISTEN

  • Saturday | Shorts | Sam Sends: Will Youtube Get into Web3? LISTEN

  • Sunday | Shorts | John Crain: Getting into NFTs and Starting SuperRare. LISTEN

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