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Are Podcast NFTs GMI?

Are Podcast NFTs GMI?

I did a thing last night. 😬

Sooo I did a thing last night. 😬

I got inspired and minted a new episode from a previous season.

More specifically, I minted Season 3 episode 16 featuring Brett Shear, aka Blockchain Brett, the avid music NFT collector and founder of the creator economy-focused VC fund Palm Tree Crew.

Are Podcast NFTs GMI?

I’ve been experimenting with tokenizing episodes as collectibles for a month now.

My first drop consisted of a 1-of-1 celebrating episode 100 of the podcast, with a 24-hour action and starting bid price of $0. Jacob, Co-founder of Zora claimed the throne for 0.22 ETH.

Legit, such an exhilarating feeling!!

I’ve been thinking for a minute now about what I can do for my next collection, and I immediately thought about Season 3’s content.

Why Mint Season 3?

Well, it was a pivotal moment for the podcast because it was the first time I saw noticeable growth in my content.

Specifically, you guys loved Brett’s episode so much that it ended up being the most listened-to session of the season!

This episode reveals the merits behind betting on web3-native music artists and a glimpse into the mind of Brett and his die-hard conviction for the space.

🤯 20 NFTs Claimed Already!

Season 3 Episode 16 is limited to 33 editions at 0.03 ETH each.

I minted this collection at 8:10 PM PT, only to wake up this morning to 20 editions already collected!

WILD! I can’t even begin to explain the rush and how appreciative I am that some of you would support me in this way.

To anyone who hasn't listened yet, I highly encourage you to do so below and would love to hear your thoughts: Listen Now

Your listenership already means the world, but if you enjoyed the episode that much and feel inclined to collect, then you can join the experiment below.

Thank you for everything. ❤️️

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🎙 Today’s Short

This short highlights Erik Reppel, Head of Data at Zora, on his mental model for understanding ownership in web3. 

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