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Banksy NFT Collection, Sound.xyz Pays $5M to Artists, Reddit NFTs return

Banksy NFT Collection, Sound.xyz Pays $5M to Artists, Reddit NFTs return

CSS Week 4 recap + here's what went down in the web3 creator economy.

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Let’s dive in!

🛠 a16z’s CSS Week 4 Recap

Bello just wrapped up week 4 of Crypto Startup School, and I can't wait for you to hear all about it! We had an incredible few days filled with exciting encounters and valuable experiences that we documented this week. I hope you enjoy our recap!

🌐 Creator Stories of the Week

  • Banksy NFT collection to be launched by Mike Lin. 👉 READ

  • Daniel Allan hosts a giveaway of his new drop 'Bricks’ ft. Belisgo. 👉 READ

  • Black Dave & OrganicStonez ‘I Love This Shit’ hits 142 collectors. 👉 READ

  • Geo Martin secures patent for cross of entertainment and NFTs. 👉 READ

  • Dot drops ‘LIFT ME UP’ for pre-save on Showtime. 👉 READ

  • Lucas Radouch is the first quadriplegic artist on Sound.xyz. 👉 READ

  • Sammy Arriaga hits number 1 on Sound.xyz’s ‘The Viral 10.’ 👉 READ

  • Dan Romero drops a new open-edition series on Zora. 👉 READ

  • Own The Sound announces genesis NFT drop on Sound.xyz. 👉 READ

  • Soulja Boy NFTs sell out amid SEC crypto promotion charges. 👉 READ

🗞 Headlines: NFTs, Social Tokens, DAOs

  • OpenSea launches no-fee 'Pro' marketplace with NFT rewards. 👉 READ

  • Sound.xyz announces $5M paid to artists. 👉 READ

  • Bello ships Allowlist Pages. 👉 READ

  • List3n DAO drops ‘Genesis Pass.’ 👉 READ

  • Coinage’s vote to move 10% of treasury to Doge following Elon. 👉 READ

  • Catalog integrates 0xSplits. 👉 READ

  • Third-generation Reddit NFTs to make a debut next week. 👉 READ

  • Bonfire announces ‘Bonfire Pro.’ 👉 READ

  • FIFA debuts AI World Cup mobile game, with plans for NFTs. 👉 READ

🎙 Podcast Recap

  • Monday | Shorts | Matt Medved & Sam Hysell: The Future of Digital Ads. LISTEN

  • Tuesday | The Rise of Writing NFTs and Collectible Content with Nick Hollins. LISTEN

  • Wednesday | Shorts | Jacob Horne: The Evolution of Open Editions. LISTEN

  • Thursday | Shorts | Sam Sends: Who is Sam Sends? LISTEN

  • Friday | Shorts | Morkeeth & Micheal Traore: Thesis for a Crypto-Enabled Music Industry. LISTEN

  • Saturday | Shorts | John Crain: Further Exploring Primary NFT Sales. LISTEN

  • Sunday | Shorts | Morkeeth & Micheal Traore: Motivation for Using NFTs. LISTEN

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