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Collect your free Season 4 NFT Pin + Bonus Episode

Collect your free Season 4 NFT Pin + Bonus Episode

BONUS content: Unlock your first exclusive perk using your free NFT Pin ;)

gm Mint nation - happy Thursday!

It’s time to claim the free NFT that I promised you.

Oh, and I’ve included your first unlockable perk solely accessible to Season 4 Pin holders. Follow the steps below on how to collect yours.

❤️️ I owe you an NFT

I'm gifting you a free NFT Pin to prove you participated in Season 4.

This NFT will become super important in the coming months, so be sure to claim yours before it’s too late.

As a bonus, I organized helpful guides for you to learn more about music NFTs that can be unlocked using your NFT pin.

With this free NFT, you can unlock:

  • A beginner's guide to music NFTs

  • 300+ person database of music NFT collectors

  • 5 clever tips on how to utilize the database of collectors

2 Easy Steps to Collect Free NFT Pin

  1. Send a little $ETH to your wallet
    Buy and send 0.01 $ETH to your public address to cover gas fees. 

  2. Collect Season 4's free NFT Pin
    Click the button below and connect your wallet to the minting module to collect your free Season 4 NFT Pin.

    Once you collect, follow the steps on your screen to access the beginner's guide to music NFTs and the 300+ collector database. Gas fees are not covered.

Mint Free NFT + Unlock Resources

🎙 New Podcast Episode

Bonus episode: I was invited to speak at NFT LA on all things about the creator economy and lead a discussion with Jesse Tevelow of Praise, Alexandra Hooven of Rally, and Noel Borges of Mintblack.

TL;DR: There's a variety of data stored on the blockchain that can give creators insight into their audience, but how do you unlock it?

  • 00:00 - Intro 

  • 02:12 - The current state of the web3 creator economy

  • 06:28 - Should creators strive to build virality or a niche group of true fans?

  • 14:22 - How to transition your web2 audience into web3?

  • 22:02 - What data can creators unlock via NFTs and other crypto assets?

  • 35:47 - Outro 

…and so much more

I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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