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🎙 Content NFTs.

🎙 Content NFTs.

BlockchainBrett highlights his new article “The Crypto Creator Economy”, why he believes content NFTs are the next wave, and understanding the value of collecting content.

🎙 New Podcast Episode

Mint Season 6 episode 28 welcomes BlockchainBrett, the prolific NFT collector and investor at PTC Crypto. The conversation is nearly 2 hours long, highlighting why he believes content NFTs are the next wave of the creator economy.

We go through his new article “The Crypto Creator Economy” and outline key points critical to understanding the value of collecting content.

I hope you guys enjoy our conversation.

Time Stamps

  • 00:26 - Intro

  • 04:33 - Brett’s Journey As a Collector

  • 06:48 - Artist’s First Wave of Adoption and Excitement Around NFTs 

  • 10:54 - The New Article

  • 21:55 - Where Crypto Meets the Creator Economy

  • 30:00 - Converting Web2 Viewers into Web3 Collectors

  • 32:53 - What Does Creative Freedom Mean?

  • 39:19 - Understanding Media Legos and Composable Content

  • 42:41 - What’s Worth Collecting in Your Opinion?

  • 45:38 - Content NFT Life Cycle

  • 01:15:13 - Are We Building a New Creator Economy Centered Around Collecting or Consuming?

  • 01:31:35 - How to Continue Creating Throughout the Bear Market

  • 01:39:24 - The Next Class of Creators

  • 01:42:59 - Outro

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Levy’s Newsletter
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