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🎙 Creator Royalities and NFT Marketplace Wars ft. John Crain of SuperRare

🎙 Creator Royalities and NFT Marketplace Wars ft. John Crain of SuperRare

John Crain, the Co-Founder of SuperRare, on the current state of the NFT market, SuperRare's role in it, and the intersection of surfing, Web3, and crypto.

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🎙 New Podcast Episode

Mint Season 7 Episode 16 welcomes John Crain, the Co-Founder of the 1-of-1 digital art marketplace, SuperRare. In this conversation, we explore the early narratives surrounding NFTs and the current state of the marketplace wars, including SuperRare's role and their approach to creator royalties. We dive into the evolution of understanding DAOs and how they influence spending behavior on the platform, as well as unexplored subjects in NFTs and the intersection of surfing, Web3, and crypto.

I hope you enjoy our conversation.


  • 00:00 - Intro

  • 05:41 - Initial Thoughts on NFTs and Their Early Narratives

  • 12:11 - Blur's Market Share Takeover and General Thoughts on the Current NFT Market

  • 19:43 - SuperRare's Role in the NFT Market

  • 21:26 - Creator Royalties

  • 23:48 - Ideas for Exploring Primary NFT Sales

  • 28:02 - Evolution of Understanding DAOs, Pre and Post-SuperRare DAO

  • 31:46 - Rewarding Experiences Navigating the SuperRare DAO

  • 33:24 - Influence of DAOs on Spending Behavior and Activity on the Platform

  • 35:29 - Thoughts on Maintaining Rarity in a Time of Open Editions

  • 37:12 - Unexplored Subjects in NFTs and Digital Art

  • 39:07 - Intersection of Surfing, Web3, and Crypto

  • 40:15 - Outro

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