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🎙David Greenstein: The Artist’s Beginner's Guide To Music NFTs

🎙David Greenstein: The Artist’s Beginner's Guide To Music NFTs

Here's Sound.xyz's master plan for onboarding 1,000,000 independent music artists into web3.

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🎙 New Podcast Episode

Mint Season 5 episode 3 welcomes David Greenstein, Co-founder of Sound.xyz, one of the most popular music NFT marketplaces in the space.

I’ve been watching the growth of sound all the way from day zero when we first met and he shared his excitement on how he’s about to change the game for independent music artists. 

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • 00:24 - Intro 

  • 18:56 - Sound.xyz and the Drop Experience: Editions, Golden Egg and More.

  • 29:39 - Creating an Assembly Line: Pumping Out Drop After Drop 

  • 33:22 - Paying Out Over $2.6 Million Dollars: Recognizing David’s Power, Responsibility, and How He Plans to Scale Without Diluting the Value of Curation.

  • 42:09 - Should Artists Optimize to Grow Like Their Collector Base or Reach Virality on Streaming and Social Platforms?

  • 44:58 - David’s Advice for Strategizing Around Editions, One-of-one Drops, and Selling Ownership in a Song.

  • 50:29 - What Makes One Artist More Valuable than the Other in Web Three?

  • 52:43 - The Difference Between Collecting to Collect and Collecting to Own?

  • 58:48 - What Other Unique Experiences Does Sound.xyz Plan to Create for Collectors?

  • 01:03:21 - Plan for Onboarding the Next Hundred Thousand, One Million, Hundred Million Music NFT Collectors.

  • 01:05:12: - What is Your Vision for the Music NFT Space?

  • 01:12:16 - Understanding Sound.xyz’s Smart Contracts

  • 01:21:17 - Outro

I hope you enjoy our conversation. 

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