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🎙 Dawson Botsford and the Acquisition of Earnifi’s $150M Airdrop Tool

🎙 Dawson Botsford and the Acquisition of Earnifi’s $150M Airdrop Tool

Dawson Botsford shares the story of how he built and sold Web3’s most simple, yet favorite tool that’s earned users $150M.

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🎙 New Podcast Episode

Mint Season 6 episode 29 welcomes Dawson Botsford, Co-founder, and CEO of Earnifi, the tool that’s helped web3 users claim $150M in airdrops. Dawson comes on the podcast to share his story as a creator and entrepreneur, lessons learned while building Earnifi, and why Bankless decided to acquire web3’s notification layer.

I hope you guys enjoy our conversation.

Time Stamps

  • 00:48 - Intro

  • 07:55 - School Experiences

  • 10:31 - What is Earnifi?

  • 14:12 - The Most Difficult Part of Bringing Earnifi to Life

  • 15:02 - Avoiding Scam Airdrops

  • 18:49 - Introducing Monetization On Earnifi

  • 20:09 - Product Marketing

  • 22:07 - The Vision of Becoming the Web3 Notification Tool

  • 26:14 - How Do You Manage Your Time?

  • 28:35 - Best Practices When Announcing an Airdrop

  • 30:21 - Getting Acquired by Bankless

  • 32:23 - When Starting Earnifi, Did You Consider Getting Acquired?

  • 34:48 - Will Web3 Take Over Web2 Communications and Notifications?

  • 38:23 - The Future of Bankless Labs

  • 40:00 - Did You Come into Bankless Labs With a Specific Vision Yourself?

  • 43:00 - Outro

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