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🎙 How Royalty-Backed NFTs are Challenging the Music Industry

🎙 How Royalty-Backed NFTs are Challenging the Music Industry

In this episode, I sit down with Morkeeth and Michel Traore, the founders of Anotherblock, to explore how they use royalty-backed NFTs to create a secure and seamless way of buying and selling music.

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🎙 New Podcast Episode

Mint Season 7 Episode 22 welcomes Morkeeth and Michel, the Co-Founders of Anotherblock. Throughout the session, we discuss how their platform connects traditional music ownership via streaming revenue with NFTs for buying and selling music onchain. The conversation touches on what they claim to be the benefits of royalty-backed NFTs over other forms of music NFTs, the psychology of pricing, and the grey area of whether or not these assets are an unregistered security. This conversation is not intended to be financial advice, strictly informational as it goes with every conversation on Mint.

So without further ado, I hope you enjoy our conversation.


  • 0:00 - Introduction

  • 5:25 - Why People Should Feel Entitled to Own More of the Value They Create

  • 7:48 - The Mindset of the Average Person Scrolling Through Tik Tok and Contributing to the Virality of Today's Music

  • 10:03 - Will Collecting Tokens Become the New Form of Showcasing Fandom on a Greater Scale or is It Limited to a Few

  • 17:20 - Thesis for a Crypto-Enabled Music Industry

  • 20:05 - Royalty-Backed NFTs

  • 22:34 - Psychology of Pricing and Decision-Making Processes

  • 26:38 - Do People Mint NFTs Out of Emotion or for Investment Purposes?

  • 28:43 - Benefits for Individuals Who Take a Percentage of Royalties

  • 30:04 - Rihana’s NFT Launching Right Before the Superbowl

  • 36:13 - Securities Laws Around Associating a Royalty with a Music NFT

  • 40:06 - Common Misconceptions and Potential Backlash from Labels and Artists

  • 41:17 - The Possibility of Paying Individuals per Second or Minute Rather than the Typical Few-Month Period

  • 43:09 - Anotherblock’s Future Plans and Roadmap

  • 44:12 - Outro

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