Mar 16 • 52M

🎙 Web3 Music Artist Daniel Allan Just Raised $1,000,000 and Here’s Why

Music collectors Cooper Turley and BlockchainBrett are joined by web3 music artist and producer Daniel Allan to discuss Daniel's recent one million dollar fundraising round to propel his music career.

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Mint with host Adam Levy delivers an exclusive look into how the creators of today are building the communities of tomorrow using web3 primitives like social tokens, DAOs, and NFTs, to name a few.
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🎙 New Podcast Episode

Mint Season 7 Episode 21 welcomes music collectors Cooper Turley of Coop Records and BlockchainBrett of Palm Tree Crew Ventures who are joined by web3 music artist and producer Daniel Allan to discuss Daniel's recent one million dollar fundraising round to propel his music career. The three delve into the artist seed round, ROI when investing in artists, how Daniel plans to spend the one million dollars, the future of web3 music + much more. 

I think this model changes the game completely and provides creatives with a new means of support. The goal of this episode is to shed light on the process and what goes into raising a million dollars. Full disclosure, I did invest in the round as I’ve been support Daniels journey by documenting his early beginnings on Mint and by collecting his music NFTs. I’m excited to see how this experiment plays out and stoked to capture this milestone for you all to hear.


  • 00:00 - Intro

  • 05:32 - Raising a Million Dollars for Daniel’s Creative Endeavors

  • 11:10 - The Artist Seed Round

  • 16:07 - Daniel’s Impact On Crypto-Native Independent Artists

  • 20:15 - Implications for Other Creators Who May Follow the Same Path

  • 32:10 - The Artist-Market Fit

  • 33:48 - ROI Investing in Artists

  • 40:48 - Removal Process of a Web3 Record Deal

  • 47:34 - Upcoming Milestones

  • 49:27 - Outro

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