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🎙 Web3 Music Mavericks: Daniel Allan and Reo Cragun Talk Collaboration and Their New Project 'Criteria'

🎙 Web3 Music Mavericks: Daniel Allan and Reo Cragun Talk Collaboration and Their New Project 'Criteria'

Web3 music artists Daniel Allan and Reo Cragun join the podcast to discuss their collaboration process, the release of their new project "Criteria," and the future of web3 music.

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🎙 New Podcast Episode

Mint Season 6 episode 30 welcomes artists Daniel Allan and Reo Cragun on their collaboration process and upcoming project "Criteria". They share their creative routines and challenges faced while creating the project, while also discussing the significance of releasing "Criteria" as their largest mint to date. Furthermore, they share thoughts on the future of labels, distribution the intersection of crypto and live music.

I hope you guys enjoy our conversation.

Time Stamps

  • 00:15 - Intro

  • 05:37 - Daniel and Reo’s Collaboration Process

  • 09:21 - EP vs. Album

  • 13:00 - Do Your Creative Routines Ever Clash?

  • 14:20 - Blending 2 Different Genres Together

  • 18:22 - Choosing Which Songs Make the Cut

  • 23:11 - How Long Did it Take to Complete the New Project ‘Criteria’

  • 26:37 - Learning New Things About Each Other While Working Together

  • 29:47 - Do You Ever Doubt Yourself?

  • 32:19 - Big Challenges Faced While Creating This Project

  • 35:24 - How Does This New Project Reflect Your Growth As an Artist?

  • 43:29 - Whats the Creative Balance Like Between You Guys?

  • 47:51 - Is There Any Competitiveness Between the Both of You?

  • 51:34 - What's the Significance of Releasing Criteria as Your Largest Mint to Date?

  • 55:56 - What Did the Mood Board Look Like For the Visuals of the Drop?

  • 58:27 - How Do You Create Rarity in Music?

  • 01:00:44 - How Do You See ‘Criteria’ Being an Influence For Artists’ Future Creations? 

  • 01:05:13 - What Will Labels and Distribution Look Like in the Future of Web3 Music?

  • 01:11:44 - Do You See Curators as the New Decentralized Music Agents?

  • 01:15:00 - How the Next Generation of Students Become Collectors

  • 01:20:37 - What Does the Intersection of Web3 and Live Music Look Like?

  • 01:21:58 - Outro

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