Sitemap - 2023 - Levy’s Newsletter

The Rise of Crypto Super Apps

Why The Web3 Creator Economy Needs Coinbase's Base Protocol ft. Jesse Pollak

Exploring Web3 Marketing's Next Big Thing: Mass Wallet-to-Wallet Communication

The Search for Web3's PinkyDoll

Duality Unleashed: A Special Episode with DJ Daniel Allan

Spinamp raises $1.2M, Annika Rose 2.5k mints, "Fewos" NFT collection + more

anotherblock secures $4.4M, Pudgy Penguin Physical Toys, 'Criteria' release + more

$1.36M 'The Broken Keys' sale, Checks at Christie’s, PROHIBITION launches on Arbitrum, Milady hype + much more mobile app, Ex-OpenSea worker guilty of insider trading, Soulja Boy NFT flop + More

Wrapping Up Season 7: Here's What's Next

Snoop Dogg 20 ETH Snipe, Grimes 50% AI Rev Share, 10KTF x PUMA collab + more

Sotheby's to auction 3AC's NFT portfolio, Snoop Dogg x VeeFriends collab, LNRZ sells out ‘SATELLITES' + much more

🎙 From Joshua Tree to Web3: How LNRZ DAO is Changing the Game for Musicians

Web3's Mobile Era, Mastercard Music NFT, Canon releases NFT Marketplace, + more

🎙 Building a Future of Digital Identity and Ownership for Creators

🎙 Inspiring Sustainable Practices through Music: Blond:ish's Bioplastic Vinyl Compilation

Banksy NFT Collection, Pays $5M to Artists, Reddit NFTs return

🎙 The Rise of Writing NFTs and Collectible Content with Nick Hollins

$37M of y00ts migrate to Polygon, Reo Cragun sells 1.5k+ editions, Gucci x BAYC collab, + more

🎙 Exploring the Web3 Creator Economy: Insights from ETHDenver

🎙 Transforming Audiences into Communities with Reka from

Grimes 34k open edition, Magic Eden launches Bitcoin NFT marketplace, CryptoPunks surpass BAYC in market cap + more

🎙 How Royalty-Backed NFTs are Challenging the Music Industry

Daniel Allan Raises $1M, Pussy Riot donates $100k, Balaji's Bitcoin bet + more

🎙 Web3 Music Artist Daniel Allan Just Raised $1,000,000 and Here’s Why

🎙 The Future of Digital Advertising and Tokenized Media with nft now

174 Mint Podcast NFTs collected, Jeremy Booth's 12.1Ξ SuperRare sale, Amazon's NFT Marketplace + more

🎙 Design, Distribution, and Tokenized Media: Insights from Jacob Horne of Zora

🎙 Beyond Followers: Building a Community of Collectors with Chase Chapman

Tyler Hobbs $325k Christie's auction, Yuga Labs Bitcoin NFTs, Bello's new Revenue Dashboards + more

🎙 Eth Denver 2023: Day 1 Recap

🎙 Creator Royalities and NFT Marketplace Wars ft. John Crain of SuperRare

Towns $25.5M raise, Aly's 770 music NFTs, Coinbase announces L2 on Optimism + more

🎙 How Web3 Enables a New Era of User-Generated Content ft. Christina Beltramini

🎙 The Current State of DAOs in the Bear Market

NFT marketplace wars, a16z selects Bello for CSS, Napster acquires Mint Songs + more.

🎙 Exploring the World of Media Legos and Video NFTs with Sam Sends

🎙 Exploring the Future Impact of Rentable NFTs on the Creator Economy

raCC0ons rack in $300k, Rihanna Music NFTs, Reddit Super Bowl NFTs break 1M mints + more

🎙 Balancing One-of-One Releases and Edition Drops: Peter Saputo's Take on Web3 Music Success

🎙 The Future of Where Podcasters Meet Crypto

'Checks' breaks 1Ξ Floor, Snoop Dogg Music OEs, NFTs on Bitcoin, Coinbase NFT marketplace under heat+ more

🎙 The 3rd Pillar of the Creator Economy

🎙 How PplPleasr Uses NFTs to Supercharge the Art of Storytelling

NessGraphics $2.2M raise, Kevin Rose hacked for $1.1M in NFTs, Amazon to enter web3 + more

🎙 Decoding the Intersection of Skating and DAOs with Gami of GnarsDAO

🎙 TK’s Web3 Music Journey: From Passion to Profession

MySpace execs raise $32M, BAYC nets $26M, Dj Dot celebrates 42Ξ in music NFT sales + more

🎙 How Web3 is Changing the Landscape of Social Media Monetization

🎙 Unpacking the Future of Tokenized Media and NFTs for Content Creators

Beeple teases a drop, MusicBen announces Ziggy Ziggy Music, Logan Paul's $1.3M plan for CryptoZoo + more

🎙 The Future of Music Streaming and Mobile Collection with Aidan Musnitzky

🎙 Web3's Impact on Content Creation and the Future of Tokenized Media

Jack Butcher raises 105Ξ in 24 hours, Pomp Podcast removes advertisers, Mutant Ape Planet arrested for $2.9M fraud + more

Mint Season 7 Has Arrived

China to launch NFT marketplace, Magic Wizards’ NFT sells for 41Ξ, Allan Kingdom NFT book + more